CRC 2586 Passages. (Music for Trumpet and varied ensembles)

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CRC 2586 Passages. (Music for Trumpet and varied ensembles)


Ruth Still: Gloria 'N Cielo; John LaBarbera: Drover's Lament; Passages; Adam W.Gaines: Fanfare and Images; David P. Jones: Five Choreographic Studies; Copper Lake Fantasy; Paul R. Brink: Prelude, Hymn and Descant; Prelude on "Ein' Feste Burg," Andre Wilson: The Bugle; Paul Martin Zonn: Two Antiphonal Movements; Steve Rouse: Shadow Rounds; Steve Rouse: Shadow Rounds; Mark Alan Taggart: Serenade; Chester L. Alwes: The Journey; Michael Tunnell, trumpet; Olivia Blackmon, soprano; Don Scott Carpenter, organ; Melvin Dickinson, organ; Sidney King, bass; Mary Julian rapier, harp; University of Louisville Trumpet Ensemble, Frederick Speck, conductor; University of Louisville Collegiate Chorale, Kent Hatteberg, conductor; University of Louisville Symphony Orchestra; Kim-Cherie Lloyd, conductor;

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